CapsoRetrieve® is a sanitary, single-use kit provided to patients for the collection, storage and transportation of the CapsoCam Plus capsule. CapsoRetrieve provides all the tools necessary for the patient to safely and easily recover the capsule - in just a few simple steps - and return it to the clinic.

The CapsoRetrieve kit includes the following components:

  • Collection pan
  • Magnetic wand 
  • Retrieval vial
  • Rinse cup 

    How it Works

    CapsoRetrieve Collection Pan

    The patient places the retrieval pan on back half of the toilet and lowers the seat on top of it. The patient defecates into the pan until the capsule is excreted. Once the capsule is in the pan, the patient rinses the capsule by filling the plastic rinse cup with warm water and pouring it over the capsule while it is still in the collection pan.

    CapsoRetrieve Magnetic Retrieval Wand

    The wand is used to safely and easily remove the capsule from the pan without touching the capsule. The patient simply grasps the wand by the blue handle and uses the magnetic tip to pick up the capsule. 

    The CapsoRetrieve Vial

    After collecting the capsule with the retrieval wand, the capsule should immediately be placed into the vial. The patient closes the lid on top of the capsule in order to release it from the wand.  Once the process is complete, the pan and wand are placed into the plastic bag and properly disposed. The patient should follow the physician's instructions for returning the vial with the capsule to the clinic. 

    CapsoCam Retrieval