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Unprecedented Patient Comfort: No Wires, Belts or Sedation Required

Capsule endoscopy is a procedure in which you swallow a vitamin-sized capsule that takes thousands of images as it moves through your digestive system. CapsoCam Plus® is the only capsule endoscopy system that provides you total freedom and relaxation during your procedure. All of the diagnostic data is stored on-board the capsule, so the exam is performed without belts, harnesses, wires or leads. You are free to go about your normal routine during the examination.

You can be sure that your doctor is getting more information, as CapsoCam Plus is the only capsule endoscope that captures a full 360° panoramic view of the walls of your intestine. This provides your doctor more comprehensive visualization, allowing for a more complete exam.

After the capsule passes through your digestive tract, you will retrieve the capsule using a specially designed CapsoRetrieve® capsule retrieval kit and then return the capsule to your physician. Your physician will download and view the images using CapsoView®, a proprietary diagnostic software.

Capsule Endoscopy with CapsoCam Plus

You may know someone who has had a capsule endoscopy procedure in the past. If so, they probably told you about the leads and wires attached to their torso leading to a recording device that they wore on a belt or harness. This external hardware is no longer necessary. CapsoCam Plus provides you with a simple alternative that enhances your quality of life. CapsoCam Plus is uniquely designed to provide you freedom and relaxation during this procedure. This capsule endoscope captures and stores the images of your gastrointestinal tract on-board and does not transmit radio frequency waves.

Another important reason your doctor has chosen CapsoCam Plus is because it is the only capsule endoscope that provides a 360° panoramic view, offering the most complete visualization of the inside walls of your intestine. This may allow for better diagnosis and treatment of your condition. Additionally, by retrieving the capsule, it can be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way.


"When given a choice, my patients prefer CapsoCam Plus. They can come in, swallow the capsule and resume their regular activities without anyone knowing that they are undergoing a procedure."
Dr. Ian Storch


GI Associates of Long Island

New Hyde Park, New York, U.S.A.